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What are you top 5 Thanksgiving essentials? 


“Eventually the two of us will move on, or find someone new… and even when we both get over the past, and try and remain friends, things will never be the same. Our lives will continue on in different directions toward the inevitable end, becoming strangers again.

And everything we shared…


Do you realize there’s only two options for our future together?

It’s either we break up or we get married.

Never really thought of that *clears throat*

Think we’ll get married?

*scoffs* Geez, that’s a loaded question.

Why? You wanna get married to me?

I don’t know right now.

c’mon ted, laugh with them!


thanks to phil’s magical hand, ted had burst it out :D

watching them having fun is like experiencing the same thing.
ooh, wesley ted and phil.. <3

*from a very old vid - A Message from Wong Fu


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